Occupational Safety

35-40 thousand years ago on all continents there were only roughly 1 million of our kind. Since then, world population grew by thousands of times. In 1987 the planet had seen 5 billion human inhabitants for the first time. The original research of the population of the world was accomplished in 1682 by Sir William Petty from the UK. He found out that by the end of the 17th century human residents living on Earth was 320 million (current population estimates, it was at that time almost multiplied by two).

Advancement of occupational safety provided for good dynamics in protecting lives of laborers. The first approach to assess the population growth and to answer question whether the Earth will be able to feed everyone living on it, is related with the name of English discoverer Thomas Robert Malthus. The first census was carried out in the 18th century (although there was data to conduct similar events in the Roman Empire). Intended purpose was the ordering of tax paying.

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