Health Systems Management

One of them - competition “U.M.N.I.K.” One of the objectives of the Council of young scientists - to pull children from the “local pot.” People do not even know that there are serious measures to support young scientists. For example, the fund for promotion of small enterprises in scientific-technical sphere. In the region, he turned around in 2010. There are several directions.

According to the Rector for Clinical Work by Sergei Smerdin, today in Russia, according to experts of the Health Ministry of Russia, about 60% of health managers at various levels have no special education to health system management and nearly 90% have no training in management.

Classes for the MBA program will be based on six core departments: Health Organization, Medical Statistics and Informatics, sociology of medicine, health economics and health insurance, health systems management and medication management, public health and public health organizations, and pharmacoeconomics of drug supply, economics and management.

Whoever wins it, gets funding, amounting to 400,000 rubles for two years. I think this is a normal start. I judge by myself, when he wrote his thesis, some experiments were made ​​for her in a university lab, but for some applied to the research institutes. “U.M.N.I.K” provides a degree of independence. Do not forget about the Olympics, the governor grants, contests, support graduate students in universities.

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