Children-friendly Photo Camera

The kids-friendly digital cameras marketed to the kids have undergone a massive transition, similarly to any other kind of technology. Several years ago kid friendly digital cameras were very small and had a resolution smaller than one megapixel. These cameras sold based on the media they were marketed with, such as music designs and cartoons.

Nowadays the models of the kid-friendly digital cameras kept the brightly colored designs featuring pop icons and cartoon characters in order to attract children, but are better quality, usually three or four megapixels. Versions have transitioned from holding five or six photos on internal memory to incorporating removable digital film or media cards. Heftier plastics and larger buttons, which are known as kid friendly materials, are oftenly used in producing the kid-friendly digital cameras. In case if the digital camera features an LCD review screen, it will be realtively small, about one inch, in order to limit the possibilities for breaking or damaging.

Digital cameras marketed to kids are oftenly key chain-size withot review screens so children can take them to school safely. Kid friendly digital cameras generally don’t have the sophisticated features of adult models, such as zooms , manual focus and scene modes. The resolution of these cameras are is generally the smallest available, currently an average of three megapixels, so a small digital media card is adequately-priced.

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