Baby toys

Children love to play with toys, irrespective of their age and sex. As they grow older, the choice of toys changes. Usually baby girls love to play with baby dolls whereas baby boys love some adventurous toys like toy car, toy motorcycle, toy train etc.
Children also like to play with electronic toys, like battery operated aeroplanes, which can be remotely controlled, computer games, video games, etc.

Baby toys are not only good for entertainment but they are also helpful in learning and education. These toys help in mental growth of the kids. We can also check kid's natural aptitude towards any profession from the selection of toys by the kid. It also clearly shows how creative, constructive and genius a child is.
Educational games are also available in the market like educational block games, educational board games and puzzles. Baby toys help mothers, especially when their children are crying and they have to do some kitchen work. They can keep their children busy with the toys of their choice.

Some popular toys:
` Talking Doll
` Play station, GameBoy, Nintendo
` Remote control cars, aeroplanes
` Remote control Instant Cross Boomerang
` Electronic musical instruments and toys
` Toy building blocks
` Computer Games
Playing helps a baby develop social, emotional, language, intellectual, and problem-solving skills. That is why it is necessary for parents to choose the right toy for their baby.

Here are some examples of toys that will enhance a baby’s development from the first days of his or her life:
1. Rattles
It might not seem like it, but rattles help little ones learn about the world. Playing with rattles help babies connect sight, sound, and touch to objects. Infants do enjoy looking at the colors and making noise with the rattle while exercising motor skills at the same time.
The baby toysalso teaches a baby about cause and effect – when he shakes the rattle, he learns that a sound is produced.
2. Stackers
Babies recognize shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors when they play with stackers. Most stackers are shaped like donuts, but there are also stackers made of soft material and shaped like animals. These new colorful stackers even have unique sounds. Toys like these also help babies learn about movement, sound, and texture.
3. Links
Links are kids’ toys that can be attached on objects like cribs, infant carriers, strollers or diaper bags. They have varied shapes and colors; some are shaped like whimsical creatures while others are plain geometric shapes.
Links are also textured to enhance a baby’s tactile development. When playing with links, babies are introduced to colors, shapes, numbers, and even to animals. This type of toy also enhances a child’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
4. Bath Toys and Tub Toys
Bath time can be made fun for your baby through the addition of educational toys. Rubber ducks and other animals floating on water in the tub coupled with animal-shaped bath puppets will promote interaction while reinforcing the value of hygiene.
5. Key rings
Key rings are classic kids’ toys for a reason. Usually made of wood or plastic, key rings are another form of rattles. Babies learn about sound, color, texture, and shape through this toy.
6. Teethers
Babies love to suck objects because it is one way for them to learn about the things around them. Give babies teethers for them to explore textures and tactile surfaces while lessening the pain during teething. There are teethers available in varied shapes and colors that are sure to attract babies.


7. Blocks
Blocks enhance a child’s hand-eye coordination, spatial relationships, shape recognition, and color matching. Most Toddler Cubes for young children are made of sturdy paper or soft materials that will not cause injury when the blocks fall on them. The blocks are usually large enough for kids to hold with both hands and have patterns and designs that will stimulate their minds.

Kid toys are great tools for learning.However parents and caregivers are still the key players in the development and not the toys because babies crave one-on-one social interaction and need the security it provides. The right educational toys will make playing fun not only for the child but also to the parent.
Remember - before buying toys parents should make sure that they are safe and secure for their babies. They must keep in mind the age of their baby so that they can select the best toy. They must consider that toys are not only for entertainment but also for the learning and education of child.

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